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  1. Cleaning out the gunk, restoring lost options
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  1. Cleaning out the gunk, restoring lost options
    You can re-run 98lite as often as you like, and in fact we recommend a re-run every now and then to clean up your options list and to clear some registry caches and temporary files that build up over time and slow you down.The add\remove options are all contained in your INF files inside your windows\inf directory. Sometimes new microsoft software has a tendancy to copy in a newer INF and you may loose a couple of options. e.g. Installing an updated Internet Explorer will typically copy in a ne INF that effectively removes Outlook Express from your options list whether you use OE or not. You can re-run 98lite at any time and choose option 2. Take Control to rebuild the options list.You can also choose option 3. Shell Swap and select the same shell configuration as you are using now. 98lite will then re-install your desktop and clear out some junk. (NOTE: This will reset some desktop settings back to the defaults you get when first running 98lite so if you have a lot of precious customisations that you cant re-do then dont do this)