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International Language Modules

All the text displayed by 98lite is read from a language module and can be translated into different languages. If you are interested in making the official "translation for your nation" please let me know.

Translating/Improving a module: If you think you can improve the translation in a language module, please open the 98lang.dat file in any text editor, make your modifications, test them out with 98lite and update the readme.txt file. Then zip the two files and email them to us. I can not check your work but will be relying on others to do so.

Please note that there is still some english text that is hard coded in to the 98lite binary that will migrate into the language module for the next release.

Modules on this page are for 98lite 3, 4.0, 4.5, 4.7. Get 98lite Version 2 language modules here.

98lite language modules

Let us know if you can do a language that isn't here. As soon as we have them , you'll have them :O)

Brazilian Portuguese Download
Chinese (Simplified) Download
Chinese (Traditional) Download
Czech Download
Danish Download
Dutch Download
English * Download
French Download
German Download
Italian Download
Japanese Download
Russian Download
Slovak Download
Spanish Download
Turkish Download

Our thanks go out to all our translators.

Brazilian Portuguese Bruce originally then updated by Julian De Sousa
Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) Tony Unreal
Danish Heine Sørensen
French Snoopy81
Japanese Toru Yoneyama - Pyzar
Spanish Hernan Lopez
Turkish H. Serdar Ozdemirkan
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