LitePC Language modules for 98lite Professional and Preview software to customize and tweak Windows for performance and embedded computers. 98lite enhances Windows 98 and Windows Me.


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XPlite Language Module Pages

[Download a ZIP package of translation modules that are more than 80% complete]

Some language pages may have been completed since being packaged in the zip. These can be located using the links below to find the specific language module page.

and if your country is not listed you can [Start a new Translation]. If you want to help out just [email us for a password] (see below also)

Make the Language Module

To save a new language module from the online Language Module pages you just:

  1. Edit the page
  2. Select all the text and copy to the clipboard (ctrl-A, ctrl-c)
  3. Open Notepad
  4. Paste the text
  5. Select Encoding = UTF-8 on the notepad save dialog
  6. Save As lite_??.utf8 where ?? is the 2 letter country abreviation.
  7. Place the file lite_??.utf8 in the same folder as your XPlite.exe or 2000lite.exe

Help Translate and Get a Free License

Anyone can contribute to the translations. Please just [email us for a password]

You can use the [XPlite Free Preview] to test translations. If you contribute significantly to a translation we'll be more than happy to send you a complimentary copy of XPlite Professional or 98lite Professional (or both!)

To qualify you'll need to:

  • Use the module page Preferences to assign your own Username and enter the editor password we give you
  • Translate 30% or more of a Language Module
  • Demonstrate a responsible attitude towards the Wiki pages

e.g. millions of tiny edits, pointless rewrites, or vandalism is not OK.

All of the edits by each user are logged automatically and you can view the changes on each page using the link at the bottom of each page - so basically we can check to ensure your contribution is good. We have been impressed with our customers and hope that these open pages will prove to be a great idea. So far the system has been working really well, though vandalism has forced us to add passwords. [email us for a password and contribute today!]

Sell XPlite in your country

Why not help out with the translation - then join our [Reseller Program] and make some serious money selling [LitePC] software in your country, or refer your countrymen to us for a [healthy commission].

Language Files