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98lite Professional/Enterprise Release Notes


any future sub-version releases will be released as a new version beta

98lite 4.7 Professional and Enterprise

- New installer key issued.
- Fixed ability to read .CHM files without IE and full PC Health centre install
- Windows ME PC Help Centre is now fully add/removable and working
- Fixed bug preventing WBEM files from (de)registering
- Improved Windows MediaPlayer 7 install
- Added MS XML Support to optional features
- Updated DirectX remover for DirectX9.0a (notes on Dx9 install in knowledge base
- Updates for IE 6 SP1
- WindowsUpdate fix for Win98 Original
- minor documentation revisions

98lite 4.6

- Changed internal links and documentation to point to and include new support options.

- Fixed DOS-MODE FTP after clean install with SLEEK and MICRO desktop.
- TCP/IP utilities now available as an installation option when doing a clean install.
- TCP/IP utilities now uninstall completely.
- schannel.dll left behind during IE removal. Needed for 128 bit encrytption and is not re-installed by IE 5.5 installer

98lite 4.5

- bugfix shellswapping to Micro. Deleted bogus search elements on desktop
- Uninstall link and program group now constructed when shellswapping to 98Micro.


  • ShellSwap bug fixed. After the last 08-OCT-2001 update, ShellSwap was not properly swapping between to and from the Micro desktop.

  • Windows ME only - Avifil32.dll forced compatibility with SLEEK or MICRO shell.


  • re-build to fix bug with "Take Control" (win95 file scan was synchronised to the win98/Me shell instead of the win95 shell).


the installer has a new key to unlock the archive. You can use the sender on the registered gateway to send you the new key vie email.

This version is primarily bug fixes and is offered free of charge to all registered users. The following points hit on where the majority of work was done.

  • Removal of Internet Explorer:

    • updated for IE6.

    • updated for OutlookExpress 6

    • fixed network printing from Outlook Express

    • Linked new feature "Windows Update" to the IE removal

    • Shell re-inilization fixed to prevent scripting error with overweight shell.

  • Windows Update new optional component.

  • Wupdmgr.exe is now patched for the win95 shell if needed.

  • Updating the add/remove options with "Take Control" in 98lite menu now checks the shell version and scans known files for compatibility patches.

  • New boot logos

  • Misc registry tweaks for some optional components.

After downloading a new version of 98lite it is always a good idea to run the 98lite Take Control feature to rebuild your list of optional features. If you are experiencing any troubles you should also use the Shell-Swap feature to re-install whatever shell variant you are using now. This just ensures that your desktop is set up properly and has the added benefit of repairing any damage that has occurred to the registry settings that control the desktop environment.

We'll make a small patch file available to repair windows update and Outlook Express so you dont need to reinstall anything. [update: you can now download the patch files]

98lite IVa maintenance release

  • Improved installation with newer builds of Windows Me- eliminates bogus "file not found" errors that are generated by a bug in the windows9x installer.

Final 98lite IV - the Millennium Edition -

  • 98lite IV (Me) contains all the shell options and all the add-on add/remove options of 98lite III professional, with the addition of add/remove options for

    • Media Player 7 (you can leave Media Player 6 behind!)

    • Media Player 7 codecs

    • Media Player 7 skins

    • Movie Maker

    • MS Agent

    • PC Health/System Restore

    • Windows Scripting Host

  • IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTES - the installer has a new key to unlock the archive. You can use the sender on the registered gateway to send you the new key vie email.

    YES- 98lite IV does work for Windows98 and Windows98 Second Edition also

  • HOW SMALL? The base install for a MICRO setup without any options is near 80 MB + swap + CABS. With a little subsequent tweaking by hand you can get Millennium in under 70MB if you don't use any of the built in features and move the CABS out of the c:\windows\options\install where they take 153+ Mb. Some people prefer the CABS to sit on another SEPARATE drive - it is a tad faster if you are not reading and writing to the same drive, and it lets you chew up older drives with static storage, keeping the fast space on your new drives for the OS and current work. Most people should chop Millennium to between 100 and 150MB less the cabs and swap - still a chunky monkey in anyone's language.

  • IMPORTANT MOVIE-MAKER NOTES Movie Maker should now also function under the MICRO shell, as does Media Player 7 (less the web reach-out components). Some users may have trouble installing cameras and getting MovieMaker running under a clean Micro install. Ensure you have installed the "Image Support" option in the Multimedia section of the Add/Remove list to support your camera. If trouble persists, use the 98lite ShellSwap feature to swap to a CHUBBY shell - install the camera and re-install MovieMaker - then shellswap back to MICRO.

  • IMPORTANT MEDIA-PLAYER NOTES Media Player 7 now also works on MICRO!!! Media Player7 is basically a fancy schmancy overlay on top of Media Player 6.4 that is skinnable, can make a sexy index of your media, and contains licensing software so publishers can limit who listens to their tunes (those who buy the license certificate). You can still use skins, watch the dancing widgets etc under the win95 SLEEK or MICRO shells. If you installed a SLEEK or MICRO setup you may have to set the music archive location in the tools\options\CD audio tab (bottom). These "lite" installs don't set up the location automatically (typically My Music) and you will not be able to copy CD's to the hard disk until you set this location. If you don't you will get an error message "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation".

  • IMPORTANT SYSTEM RESTORE NOTES Uninstalling System Restore rips out the HTMLified help centre/glorified MS system Info also. These may be separated into separate options for a future release. NOTE: my _RESTORE folders are cruising at 800MB compared to my OS that is taking less than 100Mb - nice idea... but a pig if your space is limited.

  • COMMAND PROMPT If you see "File Not Found" at the top of your command (DOS) prompt window it is because you do not have the DOS command files installed. The Me DOS prompt calls the CMDINIT.BAT file in your command dir to load DOSKEY. Install the DOS utilities to get DOSKEY, or edit the batch file to remove the reference to doskey.

  • INTERESTING NOTES Installing CLEAN using 98lite with a target of a chubby shell may land you with a black stripe on the side of the start menu. All you need to do is place some extra icons on the Start Menu to make it tall enough to display the side logo. This is a windows feature.

    If you install with 98lite, it is always worth running 98lite again from the start menu group and selecting option 2 Take Control!. This ensures you have all the options available to you. When installing MICRO for example, a number of options are held back entirely and not even registered with the system - if you need more control - then Take Control! :O)

    If you see a blank folder with no caption in the Control Panel it is your Scheduled Tasks folder for the Windows Task Scheduler that you have not installed - you can delete the folder.

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