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September 5, 2008
  • XPlite Professional 1.9 updated for XP Service Pack 3
    After far too many delays we have released an update for XPlite for compatibility with Windows XP Service Pack 3. Release Notes

    Appologies to all for the delays.
September 1, 2008
May 16, 2008
  • BETA release with Service Pack 3 Support
    Apologies for the slow release. The final release of Service pack 3 for Windows XP threw a few curly issues our way but all have now been delt with. A BETA version of XPlite Professional is now available to all our licensed customers to download from your login page on our server here at

    This release fully supports the management of Windows File Protection to enable XPlite's file removal system to customise your SP3 version of windows. Please provide any relevant feedback via our helpdesk.
February 12, 2007
  • XPLite 1.9 released.
    This free upgrade for all licensed customers includes some bug fixes and improverments for recently released MS software components and updates (e.g. IE7, Media Player). For more detail please see the release notes.
September 13, 2006
  • Server Outages
    Our hardware just up-and-died. Please accept our appologies if you have been inconvenienced. No data was lost but we experienced some downtime and some customers have been delayed in getting their license emails and downloads. We are currently going over recent orders and issuing replacement liceses.

    If you have any outstanding issues resulting from the failures please let us know.

    PLEASE NOTE: We are currently running on hardware held together with bandaids and rubber bands. We are deploying a new server in a new data-centre and should be migrating some time in the next week
June 20, 2006
  • Melbourne Office closed June 21 - June 28
    Please note our Melbourne Office is closed June 21 - June 28. Email and tech support will not be affected but phone customers may have their calls diverted to mobile or message-bank during this time. Messages will be cleared daily and we'll gladly return your call if you leave a number.
June 19, 2006
  • XPlite BETA v1.9 is available to all licensed customers.
    The major changes in this release are to support the complete removal of Internet Explorer 7 (beta) and Windows Media Player 11 (beta) as well as to cope with changes Microsoft have made to the DirectX web-installers.

    Licensed customers can login to obtain the BETA

    Change log:

    • Extensive enhancement to IE removal to remove and cleanup IE v7 beta1, beta2
    • Updated uninstaller for Windows Media Player 11 (beta) and fixed some issues with Windows Media Player 10. SHould be possible to wind back to WMP 9 without difficulty from WMP10 or 11.
    • Clean IE 6.01 build numbers for XPSP2 in registry corrected up to ensure the appropriate Windows Updates are re-detected following reinstallation of IE v6
    • Fixed error when XPlite needs to reboot XP after uninstalling (XPlite could not launch a cleanup when Windows was in the process of shutting down)
    • Improve clearing of DLLCache folder. XPlite now moves deleted files to %windir%\LastGood and keeps the original compressed dllcache folder intact. This prevents the automatic system file protection scan on reboot.
    • If user elects to disable the DLLCache by setting the SFCQuota to minimum (1MB) then XPlite will create a 1MP temp file in the DLLCache folder to prevent any system files being cached or copied from the CD during the scan (SFCQuota minimum is 1MB and after SP1 can not be disabled 100%)
    • Improve cleaning of empty folders following uninstallation
    • Fix uninstalltion and reinstall of SP2 OOBE files
    • Updated uninstaller forWindows Media Player 11 (beta) and fixed some issues with Windows Media Player 10. SHould be possible to wind back to WMP 9 without difficulty from WMP10 or 11.
    • Added Teletext and VBI Filters to Direct Show component
    • Fixed versioning of DirectX 9.0c under XP SP2 and 2003 SP1
    • Improved removal of System Information (MSInfo) under Windows 2000 to clear Defrag from common MMC
    • Improved removal of Defrag under Windows 2000 to clear Defrag from common MMC
    • Changes to removal of Health/Help Centre to ensure that *.hlp files used by system dialogs are not deleted.
    • Augmented removal of DrWatson and Narrator to remove and reinstall their associated help files.
    • Enhanced removal of Automatic Updates to include removing any local user or group policy restrictions and delete the %windir%\SoftwareDistribution folder.
    • Fixed Bug displaying system restore point messages in language specific text
June 2, 2006
  • Thanks for your patience!
    We've had a series of hardware failures over the last week which has resulted in a number of episodes where the website was not functioning properly. Our techs have assured us now that the hard drives have all been replaced and the file system rebuilt from backups. Sorry for any inconvenience.
May 1, 2006
  • Support Desk upgrades and new Knowledge Base are live!!
    Finally we have a new Support Desk and a much improved Knowledge Base thanks to an upgrade of the underlying software.

    Our prior database table corruption caused quite a few recent support tickets to be totally masked from our admin panel so customers were being left in the dark without replies to their tickets (email and phones have still been operating thankfully!). The new code is a total replacement of the old and the databases have been laboriously rebuilt by hand after cleaning the sql files in a text editor!

    We trust we have now seen the back of these problems and we can look to rebuilding the quality of our customer support. We regret any inconvenience our downtime has caused. Minor tweaks are bound to be needed but we trust the new system will prove to be far more dependable than the old one.

    We are keeping an eye on site performance now as the new database features makes the new Knowledge Base a bit slower.
April 13, 2006
  • XPlite Professional 1.8 Released!

    • Added XP SP2 additional fonts (Vrinda, Kartika, Lucinda Sans) to Extra Fonts uninstaller
    • Fixed messenger reinstall asking for file path to source files
    • Fixes to XP Home edition options that were asking for files only found in XP Pro
    • Added SP2 Wordpad text converters to Wordpad uninstaller

December 22, 2005
  • XPlite Professional 1.7.0300

    • Fixes for keyboard navigation
    • Improvements to popup help system
    • Set IE version numbers when removing IE to allow MMC panels to work. For XP the IE version number is set at 6.00.0000.0000 and for Windows 2000 the version number is set at 5.00.0000.0000. This should also assist with people reinstalling IE from external sources.
    • Improvements to customer licensing system
    • Underpinnings to support 64-bit Windows XP/2003 added. Not yet available for general use.
    • fix for SP2 MS Messenger - locate xpmsgr.chm automatically
    • fix for MSN Explorer under Japanese Windows
    • Added Cancel button to preferences dialog and changed button positions to bring inline with Windows standard style
    • Fix crash when exiting XPlite while the add\remove tree is actively being filled
    • Speed up XPlite application startup time
    • Improve Add\Remove list load time
    • Tighten licensing security and online activation
    • Vastly improved image fade widget on Start and About Tab
    • Support for Windows 2003 (32 bit) WFP management added. All removable components have not yet been validated with Windows2003
    • Fix to issue with wireless network configuration after removing the Advanced Remote Access Dial-UP Support
    • Fix to reinstall of Driver Cache to ensure correct service pack cabs are copied (,
    • Added Language filter to facilitate customized file copy based on the default system language of the Windows installation file set.
    • Modified IIS component uninstalls to delete unused folders in the %root%\inetpub tree
    • Modified IIS component uninstalls to uninstall completely - fixed bug in build 0.289
    • Modified IIS uninstaller to remove aspperf.dll error message when aspperf.dll has already been uninstalled previously
    • SHRINK now eliminates hotfix entries from Add\Remove Software list when uninstall data is removed.
    • Improvements to uninstallation of IIS components (XP Pro only). FTP Publishing service now uninstalls properly
    • Moved WMV audio and video codecs to stand-alone codec options from Windows Media Player option so you can uninstall WMP and use the codecs with alternative players.
    • Fixed Delay time before upgrade checks not saving to registry

    XPlite Professional 1.6.0287 15-JUN-2005

    • Change mouse cursor to hourglass while checking dependencies - helpful on slower machines when selecting entire tree nodes
    • Fix to path calling bug when using XPlite 1.6.0286 on a drive other than the Windows boot drive
    • Fix to install of TCP/IP Netbios Service
    • Fix to uninstall of Active Directory Services (XP only)
    • Centre registration entry fields
    • Modify bevaviour of "Apply" buttons on WFP tab and User Prefs. Button is disabled until change is made
    • Disable Upgrade button while web-check is busy

June 8, 2005
  • XPlite version 1.6 released
    LitePC Technologies is proud to release version 1.6 of XPlite Professional. This is a free upgrade to all our licensed customers and can be downloaded from your licensed login page. This version represents a consolidation of many small improvements that pave the way for inclusion of support for Windows 2003 and Windows XP64. Release Notes.

    Building in support for Windows 2003 and XP64 is certainly now well under way. With each additional OS we support the complexity increases dramatically. Currently XPlite supports 11 different OS and service pack combinations (Service packs 0-4 for Windows 2000, 0-2 for XP home and 0-2 for XP Professional). We certainly get to re-use a lot of code as there are a lot of shared files and components but there is also a surprising amount of idiosyncratic peculiarities to each version.

    XPlite version 1.6 maintains our design philosophies. Small and self contained without needing to be installed. Scalable to different aspect ratios and font scalings (large fonts, small fonts and custom DPIs) and support for Unicode languages.

    Read more or Download the free trial.

    Licensed customer login page.
February 11, 2005
  • New BETA 1.6 for licensed XPlite and 2000lite Professional customers

    XPlite Professional 1.6.278 11-FEB-2005

    • Added Utility Tab to main program window. This tab will house a number of search-and-destroy type algorythms for removing unused Windows components. The initial release is a simple search for uninstall information but the Utility tab will be expanded to include unused driver files and also some profile based searches (e.g. to remove all networking code if the PC does not require networking access, remove all sound related files if the system has no sound card etc
    • Fixes to Media PLayer 6.4 install without higher version Media Players.
    • Improved XPlite self-integrity checks and license check algorythms.
    • Small Bugfix with reseller license code activation.
    • Force dependency of Windows Update Manager on the Automatic Updates service.
    • Scan for missing/modified files defaults to show progress dialog.
    • Added /s switch to supress the reboot following the installation or uninstallation of files that are in use.
    • Replaced complete tree load following setup with a much faster refresh of the install status for each item.
    • Added Cleanup routines to delete empty folder trees left by the setup engine
    • Re-engineered import of custom user add-ons
    • Fixed removal of Admin Tools\Component Services Shortcut
    • Fixed removal of Admin Tools\Data Sources (ODBC) Shortcut
    • Added IMAPI CDROM Burning Service as a removable option
    • Added Defrag as a removable option
    • Added Performance Monitor as a removable option
    • Added Disk Cleanup Manager as a removable option
    • Added Backup as a removable option
    • Added VB50 Runtime Library as a removable option
    • Added VB60 Runtime Library as a removable option
    • Added Help and Support for Windows 2000 as a removable option

December 15, 2004
November 22, 2004
  • XPlite on Security Pipeline
    Fred Langa has reviewed XPlite on Security Pipline in an article titled "A New Way To Slim Down Windows XP, Including SP2".

    "My test setup booted fast and ran without a hitch. Of course, the features and functions I had removed were no longer available, but they could easily be restored, if I needed them, simply by re-running XPlite.

    In all, XPLite was a surprisingly easy-to-use tool that yields vastly more control over an XP setup than any other tool I've seen."
October 14, 2004
  • Microsoft rolled out another 10 security fixes for XP today.
    In particular, this one caught our eye at LitePC and in many respects exemplifies the need for people to uninstall features they are not using with XPlite Professional.

    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-034
    Vulnerability in Compressed (zipped) Folders Could Allow Remote Code Execution (873376)

    "If a user is logged on with administrative privileges, an attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of an affected system, including installing programs; viewing, changing, or deleting data; or creating new accounts with full privileges."

    In other words, a seemingly benign bolt-on feature such as "zipfolders" that lets you manage files in zip archives has the capacity to open your entire system up to hackers!.

    This is a classic example of why end users should be able to remove features they do not use and is why XPlite Professional exists to allow you to. All those people using WinZip, WinRar or any other compression program could have made themselves 100% immune to this vulnerability log ago by simply uninstalling ZipFolders from their system.

    Files and features that are not in use should be uninstalled.

    XPlite is one way... our way... for you to have a secure Windows YOUR way!
October 13, 2004
  • Digital Retro
    The Evolution and Design of the Personal Computer

    It's a coffee table book by Gordon Laing which tells the story behind 44 of the most famous (or infamous) computers of the 80s. Each machine has been tracked down from museums or private collections and lovingly photographed from every angle. The original designers have also been interviewed for technical and historic accuracy.

    If the mere mention of Sinclair, Commodore, Atari or Acorn brings a fond tear of nostalgia to your eye, it's the book for you!

    For more information, visit
October 2, 2004
  • Oops! The new version 1.5 files are back.
    Our mistake. Sorry for the confusion. We are moving to a different file naming system but we didn't update the pages sufficiently for you to download the files. XPlite 1.5 is now on the server in the correct location. Sorry for any inconvenience.
October 1, 2004
  • Thumbs down to Wiki Spammers!
    We're currently deep into our Language Wiki repair. Despite the preventative measures we put in place to prevent unattended robots vandalising the pages it looks like some low-life humans have destroyed a number of pages with links. The ironic part is their pathetic page destruction tends to take the page off their air and out of the reach of Google anyhow - so the extra links they so urgently wanted indexed are lost. Looks like we'll be passwording the pages after all.
October 1, 2004
  • XPlite and 2000lite 1.5 released!
    Hooray! We just released version 1.5 offering significant enhancements to both the user interface and to the list of optional components. Now more than ever LitePC Technologies gives you the power to have Windows YOUR way!

    By popular demand we have now linked each option to a new part of our website. Right click on any option and a context menu prompting for More Information... pops up. This takes you to option specific pages that we will be expanding with information to educate people on the functions of all the removable components, the implications for their removal, as well as known issues that may plague a particular technology. Click the More Information... link and you can also examine the differences between our free trial and Professional versions while exploring the vast array of options.

    A few errors have been fixed of course, but the most significant changes bring us into full compliance with XP SP2's data execution protection and other SP2 enhancements to Windows.

    Naturally its a FREE UPGRADE for all our licensed customers. We certainly thank you for you ongoing support of our initiatives here at LitePC Technologies.

August 23, 2004
  • 5/5 Award for XPlite Professional on Softpedia
    Award Winning XPlite Professional windows uninstaller
August 23, 2004
  • 1.5 beta released to licensed users.
    XPlite Professional BETA 1.5.0261 21-AUG-2004

    • Linked the Add\Remove tree to the new info website Right click on any feature for "More Information..." or use the link on the tab. This is a much asked for feature - now the basic infrastructure of the site is in place we'll be adding content to describe the technical ins and outs of each of the Windows components that XPlite can uninstall.
    • Included hard coded entry points for disabling wfp on XP SP2. These are not needed as the system is smooth without - but nice to have as a fallback.
    • Added ability to send config info to to collect stats on what people are installing and uninstalling from Windows. OFF by default but this should prove interesting. No private information is sent to us or maintained by us - but what we would like to get is a clearer picture of what people are uninstalling from their Windows boxes. The stats collection is limited to licensed customers.

July 14, 2004
  • XPlite and 2000lite Professional version 1.3 released!
    This great new update of XPlite and 2000lite sees significant improvements in userbility, as well as adding many more options to the removable list. There is now no reason to disable Windows File Protection when adding or removing operating system components and there is no messy patching of system files! XPlite is able to exploit hidden Windows routines to graciously shut down file protection when needed. This makes XPlite easier to use than ever - simply run XPlite and select what features you want to install or remove from Windows. It is so easy now!

    With XP Professional we now have 140 removable options! There is no other application in existance that allows you to have "Windows YOUR way" so easily. You can now have a reduced footprint Professional XP environment tailored to YOUR needs... in just a few minutes.

    Windows XP Service Pack 2 is now supported, and we've overhauled the multi-media removal routines to better handle the latest Windows Media Player v9 and latest DirectX.

    Release Notes

    Checkout XPlite Professional v1.3!
April 28, 2004
  • XPlite Professional BETA 1.30.0238 28-APR-2004
    This new beta release dramatically changes the way we handle Windows File Protection in XPlite and 2000lite by removing the need for us to patch system files and reboot. With assistance from Wayne Langlois from Diamond Computer Systems we have now developed a method to gracefully shut down Windows File protection temporarily prior to configuring Windows. File Protection is automatically restored when you reboot to complete an (un)installation.

    If you have a license for XPlite or 2000lite you can access the beta from your download page.

    Diamond Computer Systems are a leading developer of computer privacy and security tools. Check them out!

April 22, 2004
  • Translations - Language modules for XPlite and 2000lite
    We now have completed language modules for XPlite and 2000lite for:
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
    We'd like to publically thank the people who put in the hard work to complete the translations. Thankyou to:

    Luca Lazza - Italian
    Marc Boullenger - French
    Michael Holmberg - Swedish
    Tim Kirchhoff - German
    Yeray Gonzalez - Spanish

    If you want to assist with another language you can contribute on our Language Module Wiki.
April 3, 2004
  • Time Out - early Easter Break.
    LitePC Technologies will be closing for an early Easter break from Saturday April 3rd to Thursday April 8th. During that time support requests will be queued and addressed when we return. If there are any urgent matters please contact Sales or leave voice mail at our Administration Office.

April 3, 2004
  • What is in the pipeline for XPlite
    Current development priorities for XPlite are:

    • Detection of installed components that have been removed using XPlite but then re-installed using an external installer. XPlite will detect the system files present, the version and "re-tick" the option box.
    • Adjusting the user interface to ensure other languages are displayed properly.
    • Adding more removable options and fully supporting XP Service Pack 2
    • User extensibility - you can write your own add-on modules that extend the options tree. Remove and install components that are not part of XPlite, or simply to do a post-configuration cleanup of the operating system.

April 1, 2004
  • New BETA XPlite 1.30 build 233
    This is only to extend the epiry date until the end of June 2004. If you are seeing the message "No Optional Components found" this is due to a bug in build 232 where the optional components engine is expiring a month before the dialog pops up to tell you the beta has expired. - oops. Download the new build 233.
March 29, 2004
  • XPlite Professional BETA 1.30.0232 29-MAR-2004
    BETA is avilable to all licensed users only.
    Release Notes
    • Version changed to 1.3
    • XP Service Pack support changed for build 2096 (RC1).. but note this is just for WFP disabling. Additional add/remove features such as the new security center will not be added until AFTER the final release as there is no point chasing code that changes with each BETA build.
    • XPlite can run the Windows setup engine with user credentials supplied by command line switches. This allows XPlite to be run by any user with valid Administrator username and password supplied on the command line. One use of this is to run XPlite with the appropriate user credentials to provide access to installation files residing on a network share.
    • Changed Admin switches to new scheme that provides for specifying user credentials:
      /l = log file in application folder (as before)
      /auto = unattended install (as before)
      /o:<Options_Profile> = automatically load profile (was /u:)
      /w = Reset Windows File Protection after setup completes (was /p)
      /u:<username> = username of Admin user
      /p:<password> = password of Admin user
      /d:<domain> = domain
    • If /u:<username> and /p:<password> are not BOTH supplied setup will be run as the current user.
March 26, 2004
  • Language Modules
    We have set up the XPlite Language Module Wiki pages for anyone wanting to contribute to translating XPlite into another language. The language modules are UTF-8 encoded unicode and support Asian fonts.

    Having the language modules in a Wiki format is an experiment for us. We'll lock them down with passwords if we need to but for now anyone can contribute and we'll gladly give away free copies of XPlite Professional to people that make a significant contribution. Show me your Language Module Wiki!
March 26, 2004
  • Updated XPLite Release. v1.20.0229
    With a deft flick of the wrist we'll push the previous release of v1.2 under the rug never to be seen again. What we really wanted you to have is the updated version 1.2 build 229 that we released today to smooth out the network installation code and make those features available to our Free Trial version also. The prinicipal fixes that were needed were related to importing language modules, and a small rework of our administrator switches for network installs. The changes are not related to any of the optional components that you may have uninstalled or re-installed. Therefore, if you have used 1.2 previously there is nothing you need to do to your system, but please grab the new file to replace any copies you have stored.

    Read the release notes

    We also delayed shipping a number of CDROM orders by a couple of days to ensure you get the correct version.
March 20, 2004
  • XPLite and 2000lite ver 1.20 released!
    This new release ads a plethora of new items to the list of removable windows components. The interface of XPlite is now 100% UNICODE enabled and we will be making UTF8 encoded text language modules available for translation shortly. This update also includes command line switches to facilitate installations over networks and mass unattended deployments configuring many machines to the same profile.

    Read the release notes

    Naturally - this is a free upgrade to all our licensed customers.
March 2, 2004
  • New Checkout System
    We are currently installing a new checkout system to interface with our payment gateway. The new system should allow us to simplify some of our payment pages and free up some admin time for other things.
August 8, 2003
  • Glitches are over
    Our web server software was upgraded today. Everything is up and running properly thanks to our Excellent web hosts at Superb Internet. if you want hosting with excellent 24/7 support give them a good look.
July 25, 2003
  • Swamped - Appologies for delays.
    Appologies to all for the slow email and support response this last week or so. With all energies focussed on getting XPlite and 200lite finished we've managed to become totally swamped. (Time management seminar anyone?) We're working back all weekend and the cloud should clear by Monday. If you dont have a reply to your outstanding. email/support issue by Monday please re-send it.
July 25, 2003
  • XPlite 2000lite in final beta.
    Great news. Some of our "inner circle" beta testers now have a complete release candidate so we should be seeing the final release soon. The rest should have it this weekend. Applications to test have now CLOSED. The rest of you will have to wait for the final.

    Its looking good! The options list is large indeed - and we had to leave a few things out or else we'd never get it finished! looking at the preliminary list I'd say the final has another 15 or so options that are not depicted here. Cool!
June 28, 2003
  • BETA XPlite/2000lite available to all our licensed customers!
    XPlite and 2000lite slim BETA

    This is a feature slim BETA of our new 2000/XPlite. This BETA has options for only a small subset of features chosen to present minimal or no risk to testers (ie the add/remove features are just easy bolt-on OS fluff rather that the more interesting hard-core operating system features that will be in the final release). If you have one of our licenses and urge to test and assist with helpful feedback then give it a go!. Read the release notes.

    The final release is virtually ready pending feedback from testers... so not long now....!

June 5, 2003
  • NEW RELEASE!! 98lite 4.7 Professional and Enterprise!
    A new version to clear up some remaining frustrations with 98lite that distract us from working with XP (see we haven't forgotten!). A new installer key is required and you can get that from the registered download page.

    - Fixed ability to read .CHM files without IE and full PC Health centre install
    - Windows ME PC Help Centre is now fully add/removable and working
    - Fixed bug preventing WBEM files from (de)registering
    - Improved Windows MediaPlayer 7 install
    - Added MS XML Support to optional features
    - Updated DirectX remover for DirectX9.0a (notes on Dx9 install in knowledge base)
    - Updates for IE 6 SP1
    - WindowsUpdate fix for Win98 Original
    - documentation revisions
June 5, 2003
  • Tips on installing DirectX 9.0
    Another update to the Knowledge Base. We've resolved a couple of strange interdependencies that were preventing DirectX 9.0a from installing to 98lite. We also provide a link to the full install so you dont need to use IE to do the web install if you dont have IE installed. You can get the good oil on installing DirectX 9.0a to 98lite here.
June 4, 2003
  • updates has been refreshed with some pictures of our embedded Windows 98/Me EOS product in operation. Yes we are proud of the fact that we can compete with Windows CE and WIN! Fast, Stable and under 16 MB - Whodathunkit! With millions of hardware devices ready to plop in with already working drivers and software your development time for a new product can literally be days, not weeks. Amazing!.
March 7, 2003
  • Appologies
    Sorry to those customers frustrated by our slow response to technical support and email recently. We've had a number of embedded windows contracts that have simply consumed too much of our time. We are a small company and though we try to allocate resources appropriately we sometimes miss the mark - as we did this time. We've made a number of changes within the company and to our support software that should assist. Thanks for your patience.
January 21, 2003
  • Registered access and Support is back up.
    Our recent server problem has been identified and resolved (fingers crossed). Registered access, downloads, support and user profiles are all doing what they should and we are a little wiser to the drawbacks of sharing a machine with idiots other people.
January 20, 2003
  • Servers are down and mahem prevails
    A double whammy database corruption and site crash have taken our registered logins and support completely off the air. Downloads of 98lite were halted but are now operational again. New customers will get their reciept but logins are delayed until this is straightened out. We are bludgeoning our hosts for a rapid recovery and full explanation. The true meaning of 24/7 support is being tested!
November 16, 2002
  • Support Desk Closed for repairs.
    We have had an ongoing bug in the support desk software that has seen some user requests go unanswered. This bug has been identified and is in the process of being fixed. Effected users will be emailed. We understand this error has persisted for some time. The help desk should re-open in a couple of days once we thoroughly test the new code. A more detailed explanation will follow. Sorry for the inconvenience.
September 19, 2002
  • Chod FM 92.1 - french radio - Tune in!
    Chod FM 92.1 is a french radio station in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. They think 98lite is OK and they feature a review of 98lite in their up coming program. If you are in the area - Tune in!
September 14, 2002
September 13, 2002
  • XP sp1, Win2K SP3
    Service packs are our nightmare - we have to cope with these and any modifications we make to the OS which amplifies the number of special conditions we have to deal with. Currently 2 OS's with 3 and 1 service pack = 5 scenarios.

    Development has slowed of late. The Melbourne office (tech development, R&D) is in the process of moving again to new premises. The good news is this move will be the last for a long time (hooray!). Phone numbers and email will all stay the same - only the physical location and hence snail mail address will change. We'll post the new address once the move is complete.
September 13, 2002
  • Hiccups and solutions!
    We've had a major hiccup in the payment system that should now be fixed. A major upgrade of all our server software was performed to eliminate any lingering security and performance issues. In the process a couple of our required components broke. This inconvenienced a number of potential customers that were unable to purchase. Sorry!

    The support database has also suffered a setback. We discovered a corruption that was preventing some of the new requests sent in over the last two weeks from showing up on our end, and hence they have not been processed. A few people were caught in this one - again the problem has now been solved and we'll be hitting that backlog of unprocessed support queries in the order they were received. Sorry!

June 18, 2002
June 14, 2002
  • Australian Payment Option
    Australian's can now purchase our software in AUD by FAX or snail mail. Just choose the "AUSTRALIAN FAX/MAIL - credit/cheque/order" option in the payment forms. This allows Aussies to use Bankcard, or to send an Australian cheque or Australia Post Money Order. By processing Aussie dollars we can save a few pennies and pass the saving on to you to help combat the GST. Shop Here
June 10, 2002
  • Support for FREE downloads
    Users of our FREE software can now purchase a support license to establish an account for our on-line Support Desk. If you find you need one-on-one technical support for IEradicator, or 98lite Preview and you haven't bought anything from us before then this is for you!
June 7, 2002
  • 98lite Professional 4.6 released
    A couple of days ago we released v4.6. This is essentially the same release as the 4.6 beta that has been available to licensed users for some time. This release includes the same bugfixes as well as updates to all the documentation to reflect our change of domain from to and links to our new support desk . You can read the release notes here. If your system is working well and/or you installed the beta release of 4.6 there is no need to upgrade or reinstall anything. Just be aware that our support is now handled via the online desk - which is available to all licensed users after they login. The new file also requires a new unlock key which again is available to all licensed users after they login.
May 16, 2002
  • Changes to customer support
    Customer support from is a little more draconian compared to our email support from - this is needed as our support was slipping under the weight, hassle, and irritation of dealing with too much email - lately we added a few other problems to the mix and our support has been downright terrible.

    Therefore we've implemented a new support strategy. We can no longer sustain personal email support for non-paying customers. With all the time spend helping people out we have missed responding to some paying customers and we have been unable to complete new products in a timely manner. So...

    We hope that we can now better support those who support us. If you have an outstanding request - please re-submit it via the Support Desk.
May 13, 2002
  • Welcome to - a new home for 98lite
    A new home for 98lite and an appropriately named site for our other existing and up and coming products.

    We're now sporting a web based ticketed support desk that should ease the pain a little for both our customers and for us. I'll be the first to acknowledge our customer support has ranged from good -> sucks -> non-existant at times. Part of the reason for this is that we are simply a small company with an overly high workload to staff ratio. In addition we chose to produce software that messes with Microsoft's Windows so we find a lot of our tech support resources get "sucked-up" soloving Windows problems that are not necessarily linked to our products. Since we give a lot of our material away for free, you may find us a little less approachable if you are not a registered customer.

    We expect a few teething problems on the new site - sorry if anyone is inconvenienced